In 2018 a handful of What Is Politics classmates organized a student and community survey for the professors to “awaken the activists inside of us” more effectively in the future.

Some of the classmates had been to ushin discussions to experience the deliberation method, and a few of us volunteer with the tiny nonprofit, USHIN, Inc.

The survey organizers asked us to host a face to face deliberation to consolidate classmates’ , which were then loaded into Survey Monkey.

There was a call for current issues to be addressed, not only by the professors, but a way for activists, community members and students to pool our experience and wisdom with new perspectives and energy.

We are grateful to the University of Arizona College of Social and Behavioral Sciences for an experiment in education, bringing issues worth deliberating to the surface for students and community with superstars of intellect – a standing ovation to Noam and Marv. Thank you for helping former and ongoing classmates reach each other through platforms independent of the University, and for opening eyes to the necessity of rethinking our common sense. Thank you to the What is Politics? students and community for ushering your concerns in support of issues you share and, incidentally, of U4U software, still in development.

A U4U deliberation topic is named in honor of the University Course that inspired this question.

Check in at “ is Politics?”. *** site not yet live

  • Coders – find us on github
  • Students – intern with USHIN, Inc.!
  • Community – share your wisdom and skills
  • Everyone – let us know if you’d like to come to a face-to-face ushin discussion and what topic(s) you might already have in mind to deliberate.

What will you do with my input?

Ushin volunteers will enter your concerns anonymously into an ongoing “What Is Politics?” deliberation database begun by students of this groundbreaking course. Your feedback may not just help this course but also exemplify clear communication of real concerns for future deliberation.

Here is a question ushered on the last day of class in 2018:

Please take a few minutes to share your concerns, whatever in the world they are.

Visit us on – the new site is on its way!