U4U Prototyping 2017-2018

    • The prototype team initially accepted input for deliberation in any format, adding tags on behalf of volunteers testing any of the following prototypes. Ushers confirmed that tagging was what the volunteer intended to convey.
    • Outreach volunteers reached out to potential U4U participants by with U4U Paper Mockups, as demonstrated in this 2 minute video: Paper Mock-up Video Guide (4:08)
    • Volunteers ushered participant data into mind-maps using the free, open source program, Freeplane.
    • The USHIN tech team created a Flash demonstration for ushin.net/U4U to introduce the 8 shapes and demonstrate some of their functionality.
    • Students, professors, participants and teaching assistants of the 2018 course What is Politics? used ushin tags on our This is Politics Input Form. Inspired by: UA Humanities Seminars Program, UA College of Social and Behavioral Sciences.
    • The tech team then created a prototype HTML/PHP demonstration of the semantic screen.
    • Volunteer developers created the last prototype using HTML/jQuery demonstrated user input into the semantic screen to tag text with ushin tags.
    • Volunteer ushers and participants experimented with ushin tags for individual and group face to face communication using cards, charms, whiteboard regions and other prompts.
    • Prototype input contributions informed early technical and social development of U4U