U4U Projects
All of the U4U Prototype Projects may start out in a limited fashion, within the pre-prototype demonstration, they will become open to the public when the Prototype launches. Early participants will be helping the dev team test the working demo.

Topical Conversations

Our first working demonstration of Topical Conversations began when two students asked USHIN, Inc. to help them get consensus among their classmates about how their course on politics might “start with the here and now”. The survey is testing ushin shapes as students deliberate the suggestion face to face and online, with new software. The students and guests will add points in conversation with other students, professors, and community members who want to contribute to this and spin-off conversations. All input will be human authored, crowd edited, tagged and ranked, [this leads to the input form for any of these with checkboxes for which, and an input form for new input related to a list of U4Ud topics,directly connected to “What is Politics” from year one, to add the data into that and “the preconscious” – see the U4Ud mindmap for the other topics to list.]
The first sandbox is expected to close at a capacity of 1000 points per shape, welcome to jump in and add to the working demo. or for an invitation to the More.

Local Calendar Project

One customizing community software to empower local groups to upload and share local events, issues and actions – demonstrating half of the ushin meaning shapes. The project will model community governance using the deliberative system for a unique form of consensus decision making. The data will initially be hosted on the ushin site as part of the U4U prototype, later to be distributively hosted and managed as a shared local digital information and communication system, as a working model of the transition from centralized to decentralized data integration that is central to the USHIN project. As of now, Spring 2018, several local community groups have been introduced to the idea with a mockup design of the interface, and the development team plans to return with a working model before the end of the year. [Ex: show pic of booklet with blank box in front showing – we should present this] [retype to create brochure to get info up – then order at printers]

We Speak Compassion

We Speak Compassion is a safe and free community platform for people and groups to connect and support each other in our own individual and various groups’ expressions of compassion activism. We Speak Compassion is a digital space to discuss ideas, coordinate and share events, deliberate actions and show solidarity around the many and varied displays of kindness and good we each do in our own communities. [which is better mutual support for those of us as we spread compassion in our own ways in our own communities.] The software will help participants find and discuss issues of common interest, share events to show on a local community calendar and support each other in coalition around issues and actions. Unlike other social media, email groups or other civic platforms, We Speak Compassion is designed to morph into a neutral, transparent, decentralized network of verified information. These critical features of USHIN are only modeled in the prototype stages. Particpants drawn to this are invited to form the fluid constituency and governance of this ongoing offline and online

Experiments in Self Organizing

This digital space for deliberation has autonomous and communicative governance as a general focus. The meaning shapes will provide an inclusive, iterative context surrounding a group’s ethics, budget, tenets, and policies around the use of USHIN itself. Coordinators and participants of the other U4U projects are expected to tie into discussions here when deliberating how each of those projects will self organize. At the time of this writing ushin team mates are using comments and revision format to deliberate the terms of use for the demonstration software. We encourage a broad range of expertise in addition to a call out for javascriptors to join us at gitgub.

Wish Lists and Bug Reports

This effort is to make iterations fun for the participants of the above experiments. USHIN, Inc. is holding events eliciting feedback with face to face games testing the ushin shapes, and are filling a basket of topics and ideas for the future. Out design team is baking in a simple way for users to create tech tickets about the interface as they are using it. Development of the software is on github, and public for coders to collaborate on the technology. This use of the ushin shapes is a user-friendly way to discuss what we want as constituents of a digital congregation. The initial focus will be on improving the U4U Demonstration, (U4Ud), currently in development, the wish lists and bug reports will likely tie into the other projects. As the this endeavor creates a space for conversation about technology among us “end users”, reaching out wtih clarity and brevity to developers with our unmet needs, this space may well grow into a fora about other software, protocols and systems, and morph with the other projects into the U4U Prototype and then the decentralized USHIN.Most importantly, this project will model user control of individual privacy, easy access to vetted information and data security.

Usher Training