u4u modules are websites with ushin shapes to help find, compare, evaluate and share information on the web and in in the u4u network.

Module FAQ’s

The following list of modules are ideas for developing ushin tools around real needs, with community feedback. As they roll out, you’ll find them on this webiste, and Each module will have its own unique style, act like a regular website, and attract people browsing typical search engines for the content the module has. Each module will display different use cases for the ushin icon, that will be displayed on every module.

Please note that each module has features that will run on the USHIN, Inc. host site for the u4u network. Module features that won’t work until launch of the USHIN distributed system are noted in parentheses, (like this).

Potential Modules, pending USHIN, Inc. Board of Director approval, in alphabetical order:

AcademicConvergence – students, teachers, professors deliberate academic topics and subjects around which there is intramural ignorance or lack of concordance. Merit might be limited to meeting needs for academic curiosity, or include consideration of expanded potential influences. For example, a topic for multidisciplinary ushering was recommended by a linguist to draw greater attention from the conscious mind to the preconscious as a focus of professional attention. The platform foster discussion of expert opinions, facts, as well as a review of related human needs.

Adopt-a-Code – a funding strategy to connect site visitors to developers who are writing code. Visitors scan the projects and are invited by technicians to partner in the development by ranking and specifying what is needed, popular, important, ugent, and thereby guide developer activity and feature inclusion. There can be more than one person helping, adding nuance by ushering the typical agile iterations. The end user can sponsor a developer with smart contracts that only charge when the task is complete to the users satisfaction, which is also ushered. (In USHIN the ushin semscreen would show up on project sites requesting input and help coding.)

  • It’s a cross between kickstarter, agile task manager, plus a knowledge base like Stack Overflow with deliberation collaborative modification of input so that it can meet multiple needs without being lost to discovery because it wasn’t the right answer for the the initial question.

Request for Deliberation, R4D – community-friendly agile iterations, see Funding, below

CounselingOurselves.app – is an anonymous and vetted online reflection of a successful test of face to face shapes for group therapy among people struggling with addiction. Here psychotherapists, couples, teachers, people of all ages and their friends can learn about ushin as a tool for insight, with other related techniques and methods showing local practitioners who have rims in view. This will be modeled in a face 2 face counseling event in 2019. (In the future people will connect with variably trained and certified people to help with concise and clear information deliberated by other people with similar symptoms and needs. People will find counseling partners, tutors, support groups, materials and deliberation around symptoms, therapies, diagnoses, remedies related to psychological discomfort and mental health issues. There will be a means for experts to help encrypted audio files, asynchronous? Hardware with privacy options.)

Familytalks.family– deliberation of personal, advancr directives – state laws n this – religious vir=ews on this, appropriate music of varieties of tastes, soothing and tranformative things to do and rituals. death and burial discussions of family possessions and property, memories, links to photo collections and shared documents, and other web resources, ushering of difficult topics for understanding and clarity, (in USHIN, link to local services, events, media, and local services, burial and tombstone and musicians, and the collaborative music module for custom songs for family events.)

f2f – includes deliberation about the Face 2 Face ushin program, that uses physical shapes, whether part of charms, timers, writing boards, notepads or on any surface to prompt ushin thinking, and create a structure for communication and understanding. The module also has digital shapes, see ushin.net, including semantic screens for download. (This site will include people who are looking to usher alone, and connect with other people whom they connect with in person, at events and remotely with AV support.)

allabout.recipes – recipes, nutrition, diets, cooking methods, equipment, ingredients, restaurants, foodies, groups, a place to aggregate various aspects of food, branching into over-lapping areas. For example, a person could find a substitute for a nutrient, or connect with others following similar diets, or compare times for preparing a dish in different ways. (In USHIN there would be many independent branches, overlapping with local ushering, Weal and an online and offline marketplace.)

HarrytFiddler– an example of a legacy site for people who want their life’s gifts to keep on giving. Harry has spent his life sorting out tunes to fit 30 different styles. We’d use Harry’s lists to link to recordings and videos of these tunes. It would be like meeting all the other people like HarrytFiddler.(This will interact with collaborative media and people, snippets of music and events other items on the shared ushin network. It would include variations, arrangements, musical facts, feelings and what it meant then and means today, like an ongoing conversation with HarrytFiddler.)

Issues.news – nonviolent crowd deliberation of issues and current events with customized filters for region with interregional comparisons and user control of several group identities for oneself, contexts including sources, histories and analyses of various kinds e.g. nuclear power from economic, health, environmental and lifestyle deliberations. (In USHIN this would be a fast paced discussion and link ranking platform for evolving stories, with as well as an enduring knowledge base from which broader conclusions and potentially new actions would be deliberated.)

Local Calendar Project – simple, inclusive way for people find and connect with the full spectrum of people, places, businesses. We approached a few groups and businesses who wanted to easily stay up-to-date with issues of interest, know what’s going on, and reach out to a greater constituency, without having to build a website. USHIN, Inc. will host the first of these modules for regional groups, events and topics. PimaLINC, will test the concept with both vetted and anonymous-open community access to coordinated groups, activities and topics on a shared contact/knowledgebase/calendar. on a customized shared calendars. (In USHIN Local Information Network Centers, LINCs, will host their own ushin rims, displaying customized, branded versions of the shared calendar, content managed by the hosts.)

LocalEconomy.Market is a site to bring together local businesses to forward their brands and specific services with customized input fields appropriate to their pursuances, e.g. water delivery by Aqua Vita, who would offer his service once enough local people have contributed to the truck, or FourthFirst, a downtown development deliberation coordinated by a local business owner. USHIN, Inc. will not mediate payments, made directly between or among users through third party software like paypal, others. The module will also be a resource for information about organizing local markets and serve as a platform to support planning, experimentation and evaluation of limitless options. The module will also show contexts around products and services for data relating to a purchase, translating parts of manuals, facilitating buyer-seller communications, crowd mediation if necessary. (In the future USHIN will be a boon to businesses who can use the semantic screen to integrate crowd discussion and customer support, and gain exposure by linking to interest groups directly and through other modules, e.g. local calendar sharing, issues.news, multimediacollaboration…)

  • comparative data relating to purchase
  • some features similar to classified services like Craigslist, reputational like Angie’s, informational like news, blogs, collaborative like Wikipedia, compact like Twitter, relational like big data, free and decentralized like free—.

Move-it.works is a site for deliberation of all things movement, simplifying the integration of asynchronous video communication. This is geared for lessons where specific motions, posture, position and attitude, prior injury, age, among other things, can be specified, personalized, adjusted and expanded within an indexed system so that people in time will find what exercise and bodywork is specifically useful for them, and gain insights from a growing community. Opportunities to individualize and share commentary on guided therapies such as pain relief exercises, training, collaborative choreography, cultural exchange, attracting dancers, therapists, people with mobility problems, post-surgical, tutorials for partner hands-on techniques, e.g. to sooth soft tissue injuries. (This will be an interactive and multimedia site, with people connecting to learn movements, create or share techniques, help each other learn healthy exercise, with commentary based on specific moves, problems, and direct connection for understanding to precisely meet ndividual needs.)

MultimediaCollaboration – artists of all types collaborate using existing audio and video technologies to create substitute segments and alternative branches to collaboratively build online and offline expressions with crowd ushering and support. The imminent example is the Imbue project, which begins with snippets of song and dance overlying the thematic and plot structure onto which others may upload contributions to the changing digital installation. (In USHIN the projects might have their own forks that they host on their own sites with access to the multimedia software that can display their contribution in context with the group installation.)

Plans&Products – DIY projects, how-to, connections for help, parts and supplies in which people wanting to get a project built meet those who have the materials, know-how and other resources. From freebies to professional gigs, people in need of certain objects fixed or manufactured meet people who love to engineer and build. Funding may be allocated by individuals for specific projects, or based on the merit, e.g. student-built solar oven tests for a middle school and flourishing neighborhood garden project. (In USHIN this may evolve into curricula and programs to sustain local projects and dovetail with LINCs and Multimedia collaborations and events.)

Regenerative.Work – input relating to actions integrate one’s daily occupation with one’s values and human needs, beyond environmental sustainability to consider the full spectrum of healthy living for regeneration of a weary planet and most of its peoples. Examples include homesteading with low impact living appropriate to the biosphere, e.g. merciful animal husbandry, architectural plans and alternative building resources, restorative justice ….(In USHIN this may be a site for meaningful work that will appeal to people trusted through mutually vetted and filtered hosts. Specific descriptions, in context of pointed, open discussion and direct query and response will help people seeking and offering employment. USHIN, Inc.. would host only those related to our own future needs for people, this will be hosted cooperatively by the people who offer the opportunities, and voluntarily by those seeking to be paid for work. consistent with life-supporting and healthy employment and tasks. It would interconnect with LINCs, Plans&Products…)

Request for Deliberation, R4D – in u4u this will start as an opportunity for site visitors to input topics for deliberation. The interface will highlight the requests and allow ushering and thereby up-rank those topics of greatest interest, deemed by the crowd most needed, urgent or otherwise important. This is the ushin answer to Ask Me Anything, in that responses may be generated even if the individual chooses to abstain. Others may guess, and the celebrity may jump in at any point to approve or delete the suggestion, like on Twitter. (in USHIN the vetted individual may remove what may be attributed to oneself, even as a guess, when giving the ownership.)

Schni.pet – is an way to use the floating semscreen to capture a snippet. Visitors to this u4u module will be able highlight text or take a screenshot of page or selection to show up centered on a semantic screen. (In the future this will be like a pocket or dropbox, with people sharing items by ushering them in context within the shared database. Visitors to any site would be able to use their browser plugin semscreen to usher snippets, or pages, from any site, document, text or image. Beginning with bare wireframes in initial stages shni.pet can get cute, with customized, even animated pets with different emotions, punning, ridiculous potential actions, silly facts and fun events.)

Thatsalota.fun – is a site for humor with topic jokes that can grow in different directions, and at each point people can interpret and critique, personalize and improve. The majority are likely to be snippets from elsewhere, with participant commentary. (In the future comedians could add funny commentary to any topic, it’d show the AMA feature would be the focus, with their fans input surrounding it. Overlaps with other modules include local local calendar events,

USHIN – is a necessary module because it contains our documentation in a way that can be refined with community input. It will be a nuanced road map for our vision. It will invite open discussion of the concept and its potential manifestations, down to the nitty gritty, where it overlaps with modules R4D . A simple example of a topic discussed using the semantic screen. This includes discussion of and evolution into the governance of ushin. (As USHIN develops u4u is will be an ongoing part of the development and government of the evolving USHIN system.)

ushincoin – is a site to explore currencies, including one or more that could be used within and associated with online and offline ushin products and services. It may also model various reimbursement and trading mechanisms and is intentionally vague to engender conversation and experimentation. Blockchain technologies will be deliberated.(In the future this may overlap with all of the modules that have market potentials.) (not necessary to purchase domain)

uVolunteer.care – is a way for volunteers and organizations to connect around needs and opportunities. Groups will be able to share resources, skills and people hours. People can gather around campaigns, programs and events with issues and logistics, e.g. safety, transportation, housing, ushered with direct connections. Potential funders would contribute through other modules and by crowd and user ranking here. Barter, trade, resource and time sharing will be explored and include overlapping input with other moduels local calendar projects and regenerative.work. (This module would be a primary portal to USHIN on a nonprofit website, to help coordinate trainings and distribution of human power based on human needs, urgency and user choice of sources and information from high level concepts to fine detail.)

Weal.life – health, wellbeing and wealth information, face to face and online connections, services and products, e.g. specific health topics from prior prototypes such as Diabetes, Head Injury, Osteoporosis, Dyslexia, Societal Stress … connecting people with similar issues, and inviting physicians and other health practitioners to aggregate medical pearls gained both from experience and science. People with medical travel, retirement concerns, expats might meet around topics here.

WeSpeakCompassion – connecting people with their own trusted people, groups and systems, to facilitate, or otherwise assist with mutual understanding and emotional support. Users choose among groups and dialogic methods available, and the communication channels, e.g. phone, text, in-person … e.g. teachers arguing in school lunchroom access a facilitator of their choice through video-conference to facilitate a difficult conversation at a later time at the same school.

What is Politics – named after a college course whose students requested ushering feedback for their professors, feedback focused on people and groups who are expected to participate as fully, or lightly, as they choose – like an AMA with context and community support, e.g. college course professors, elected officials, pundits, with guesses and discussion from other sources … (In the future this will include academic political discourse with levels of deconstruction, including recursive analysis of analysis.)

Future features include Geolocation Aware Chat for people who are in the same place simultaneously to find each other and communicate. For a wide range of experiences – entertainment, travel, social events, natural disaster, crime, injury, being lost – this feature would add value to several of the above pursuances.

Site widgets will be available for groups to offer a curated ushin experience for their visitors. Rather than a user exploring ushin with a browser plug-in, the site itself will have software that promotes information from the host perspective, and filters out even prominent related links that the host chooses to make a bit more difficult for visitors to find. These would show up in the “outer rim” which links directly to the open ushin topic map under the management of the user for filtration and ranking. For example, the Audubon Society may host a ushering trees in a certain region that attract certain birds, for nesting or feed.

Additionally, ushin developers are likely to create custom website semantic screens to create new words and icons on a rim, beyond the eight ushin shapes. For example, a shoe store may have materials, sex, size, sales and other themes to help potential customers meet their specifications, with crowd ushering and direct connecting to help them make decisions.

Widget, “Trees for Birds”

– author of new input uploads to pursuances that appear receptive to content March 2019,

– anyone can get a notification through pursuances, (if they have a semantic screen you put over the subject, and the pursuance you’re signing in through or visiting) you can get a notification

– pursuance to adopt-a-code that developers watch

-the request open to public deliberation of the proposed feature, from public and developer views.

-the topic remains open as long as at least 1 pursuance hosts it

– developers who respond with features initiate a cascade of notifications to those interested and opens public testing of the branches