u2u2u – Dashboard
This custom dashboard demonstrates a fun way to coordinate digital loose ends. Coordinate contacts, calendar, communications with personal notes. u2u2u organization simplifies “Getting Things Done.”

Simplify your daily tasks

The U2U2U Concept

U2U2U is a device app that helps bring information and people together to make it easier to find and handle common daily tasks with enhanced user control of privacy. It offers simple productivity features on its own and also will interface with other productivity and memory applications, integrating, as you choose, with your contacts and calendars. U2U2U will make finding and handling bits of your own life easier. It is conceived as a model device app to serve as a portal for the future USHIN network.

This a software solution is the personal portable device gateway for people to quickly coordinate the snippets of notes, messages and event-related information and reduce steps to connect with each other in context, regardless of what platforms you use. With all the deets in reach, u2u2u lets you short cut steps including communications and schedules relating to the facts, people, sources and tags so on. u2u2u will allow users to monitor their communication on a per recipient basis tracking any information about each contact or recipient as they choose to categorize it. The application uses various database techniques in a unique format to see, track and handle organized information and combos of related elements within one view, with as few gestures as possible to get any task done. u2u2u integrates with popular output conduits including, but not limited to, file sharing, social media, email, various cloud storage and local storage methods and direct wireless communications.

Where do you file things that belong in two places?
On your device or computer, you can easily find items by connecting files, pictures and bookmarks with shared tags.


The flagship application of the USHIN concept will introduce a design to streamline personal productivity with user control of privacy options.
U2U2U offers a simple way to access, sort, refine, file, schedule and relay information to and from contacts and calendars, integrated with task, memory and communications platforms and systems.
U2U2U tools will reveal elements related to the topic at hand, quickly and ergonomically. We’ll use U2U2U to synthesize and handle the online bits of our lives.
For example, to plan a journey now we juggle contacts, itineraries, errands, communications, schedules among a handful of systems. U2U2U will pulls these related elements together.
Once you type your words onto the slate, or pull up incoming text, you can connect all sorts of other elements, and accomplish your next steps quickly. The screen lets you combine steps to save time when you send/respond/forward/schedule/tag/file/save/export, because you can include multiple platforms simultaniously.
In addition to bridging platforms, if players are all using u2u2u they can change their own preferences, for you to reach people when and how they want to hear from you, even platforms under different circumstances. Depending on the sort of needs you have, u2u2u user control is WYSWYG or granularly adjustable.
U2U2U will model a for-profit business model for developers seeking to contribute to the USHIN system, which is open source, and flexibly agnostic to device, platform and network.
U2U2U will increasingly attract platforms for collaboration and integration toward seamless access and control of our own communications, tasks, calendars, memory systems, and where our information goes.
The uses of U2U2U will further expand when combined with future USHIN networking.
The first iteration of U2U2U will be an iPhone app, currently in development.

Open Source Developers with the following skills please find us on GitHub. Familiarity with designing/constructing SQL queries.
Seeking those with experience building web-based database interfaces, front-end to back-end.


U2U2U brings personal data together.

The time-saving productivity app, “u2u2u”, is being designed for rapid and private finding, comparing, sorting and handling contacts, events, tasks and messages among common platforms and systems.
It is currently in development as an iPhone app, and working to integrate functions of the native programs within the device.
Options for privacy, encryption and messaging will be addressed in the first iteration and expand functionality as a result user feedback.
The next steps will be to configure the tools to pull data from common applications such as Evernote and Trello, and independent calendar programs as well as common social medial platforms. U2U2U will also let users create responses and new messages within the application, choose the recipient(s) and connect automatically with their choice of communication system, which may be batched or sent individually.
U2U2U will let users connect and/or group different sorts of data, so it will be quick to locate bits and pieces of projects and correspondence and view related details across a growing number of platforms and systems in time, as the application develops.
When the USHIN system is in place U2U2U development will focus on network integration and various options for communication and data management.
If you would like to learn more, contribute your expertise, or offer a donation toward the U2U2U application please let us know.