Module FAQs

How will u4u modules be different from regular webpages?

Modules are webpages that display the ushin icon. They will have interactive semantic screens for their site visitors to:

    • quickly find information on the site using ushin as a standard site index
    • annotate and tag text and images
    • post tagged snippets so other people can find them

How do people use the ushin icon to do that?

The 8 shapes in the ushin icon, when sitting on a website, e.g. in their menu or “hamburger”,  serves as a quick index to what the module offers. For example, to locate the “about page” people could click the icon banner shape. When they select something they can click a shape to tag it, opening a semantic screen in a window. They can then usher the selection and post it to the network, u4u now, and the distributed USHIN later.

For more about how site visitors use the 8 shapes to find, compare, evaluate and share tagged information with other people and modules in the u4u network contact us.

The semantic screen will be more useful when the tools are fully integrated and running on a growing, distributed network.

When will the modules start?

After the u4u core interface and database are launched, mid-year 2019 we will begin to build modules.

Which modules will be developed first?

Modules will roll out in order of technical feasiblity and merit given features and modules by ushin supporters, openly deliberating which modules seem most useful for personal, community, and global health for everyone – using the broadest meaning of the term, “healthy.” Visitors and participants may offer financial support for developers creating specific features and modules.

Where is the data?

u4u software, and what participants contribute, is hosted by USHIN, Inc., on the nonprofit’s server.

When u4u becomes distributed as USHIN, parts of the database will be hosted on different servers for people to use for a variety of pursuances.

How u4u will persist as an ongoing testlab for new module and feature development after distribution will be deliberated in u4u.

How will people connect in u4u?

Visitors to the ushin site will see the topics posted, and notice new banners of people showing up while browsing related terms linking to another module.

How will people find modules from the web?

People will find modules by key word searching and browsing links on web browsers like usual, following their own pursuits online.  People can also find information using key word searches that they can narrow on the site, or from other modules, that have ushin tools. The information that people add on a public module can be found from any other module or site that hosts the ushin tools.

What is the role of USHIN, Inc. in module development?

USHIN, Inc., the tiny nonprofit promoting the ushin system, is hosting modules to demonstrate how ushin can be used online.

While hosting modules, the Board of Directors of USHIN, Inc. will model the USHIN responsibility of curating public information with transparent protocols and agreements. USHIN, Inc. is responsible for the core u4u software, and for curating public information we publish, including the various modules and their site content. The Board of Directors decides which modules we host based on the company mission:

                  USHIN, Inc. promotes personal, community and global health                    through free and open universal shared information for everyone.

Module priorities will be open for public deliberation in u4u, where developers, the community of ushin supporters, and anyone is welcome to join our public deliberation about modules and their features. The open source community will weigh in by virtue of modules and features they code, (whether hosted with us or on their own sites). One of the first modules will connect people wanting modules and features with developers who can build them.

When the USHIN distributed network is launched, USHIN, Inc. will no longer be the sole ushin host and people following unlimited pursuances will create modules, as well as full websites with shapes, and host them elsewhere. Except for the modules that USHIN, Inc. hosts and publishes, the company remains neutral, creating network protocols and agreements to foster a neutral, inclusive, decentralized deliberation utility.

What is the purpose of buying domain names?

The modules will look like regular websites to people browsing the web  – except for the ushin logo. We hope that the easy-to-recall url’s will help spread the ushin concept. Purchase of the domain names for these sites protects the concept of the various pursuances that convey the ushin concept and also expands development in various directions where staking claim to a domain may persist in filling a real need consistent with the USHIN, Inc. misison. Purchasing the domain names protects them from being purchased by someone else and used in contrary ways. Once the USHIN system  is distributed, domain names may be up for sale to groups who want to control the information and influence people finding the site on the web directly, or within USHIN. This will be deliberated on u4u.

Is there a kick-start for the modules?

We are planning a call for artists to submit visual art in a contest for module “covers” with an early and limited release of AdoptACode to connect artists and developers and people who want to pay for modules and features to be developed. If interested, let us know.

Is the team open to new ideas for a module, and new modules?

The u4u software team welcomes new project ideas and feature requests from the community. The modules and new features will be developed as requested, depending on technical feasibility, ease, funding and/or developer support, and how they meet the USHIN, Inc. mission. The software is free for developers to build their own and host it themselves, or on other independent pursuances as they develop in the distributed USHIN.