Our mission:

USHIN, Inc. promotes personal, community, and global health through free and open universal shared information for everyone.

Our vision:

When fully developed, USHIN methods will be available online and offline wherever communication is about understanding, and meeting needs.

People will use USHIN for important personal, professional and civic research and deliberation, compare elements important to us as individuals, within our own groups, and connect directly with autonomous choices to verify findings by direct access to vetted sources of information.

USHIN will grow as people send tagged messages on their customary platforms like email, social media, blogs and sites. People will enjoy setting their own preferences for what kind of information to view, choosing sources of information, cross referencing, comparing, and sensing control over their digital experience.

USHIN will provide community and civic leaders valuable feedback from their constituents, including a full spectrum of demographic input with open, inclusive dialogue – without tracking individuals. Rather than one-person-one-vote, users vote through their identifying groups, e.g. communities of causes, localities, interests and congregations for any reason. The input is weighted differently depending on what kind of information it is.
Thoughts are weighted by rationality;
facts by evidence,(including personal experience) and timeline elements e.g. urgency;
people by deeds done; (from harm to mercy);
actions by feasibility of action meeting need;
needs by Maslovian levels of survival;
feelings vary by the situation, in charged deliberations might range from indifference to outrage, and are based on feelings about other subjects in the group (society, school, team, family …)
topics by relevance to point or question at hand;
merit shows the total of which = the merit. This will be normalized for people to bring up the promenance of the understaters and tone down the exaggerators

As the system mature, there will be connections among each of the shapes. There already are sites that show relationships among people and groups – in ushin these relationships can be deliberated with merits and demerits. The interface helps people set up their own parameters per search and in general.

Connections among points create addition layers for deliberation and analysis that feed into a calculation of merit for any proposed action.

“USHIN” will be a common noun and verb indicating a way for people to come together around any information with understanding, accountability, validity, safety, specificity, comparability, and flexibility.

We are a tiny nonprofit educational charity inspiring meaningful conversation for the health of people, communities and the biosphere.