?Mercy paper

Download the latest collaborative draft of the Mercy paper

Two members of the community of ushin supporters, Teresa Cowen Jones and myself, Paula Maas, have been invited to submit a chapter for the University of Kansas Community Toolbox on the topic, “Mercy”. We are coming close to our final draft, and hope to hear from interested friends and the ushin community.

“Mercy” will be open for feedback until April Fool’s Day!

Not only will the draft reach over 2000 readers on the Community Toolbox, we will use the final Mercy paper for collaborative editing with ushin shapes, using the u4u Module, “schni.pet”.

–> Until then we’d love help editing* in the usual way:

  1. download and open with Adobe, Word, LibreOffice or Google Docs,
  2. track changes and edit freely,
  3. email your attachment or link to me at paulamaas@ushin.net.

–> For brief comments, feel free to use the box below.

–> Let us know if you’d like an invitation to discuss “Mercy” in the u4u module “Schni.pet” when it launches.

Thank you friends!


*We need help deleting the chaff, checking links, pointing out what’s unclear or needs substantiation, and filling in holes, (some marked by a *). We will be adding references and resources we already have and welcome new ones from you! On April Fool’s we send it to the Community Toolbox editor, who will handle the format and final edits.