F2F is the face-to-face way to use ushin shapes.
Using hands-on shapes for understanding and deliberation began as a paper mockup to demonstrate some basic uses of ushin shapes in the emergent digital prototype. People began experimenting with the shapes to support clear conversation, as a mediation tool, as a counseling aid, and to facilitate group processes. Card packets were distributed for feedback from ushin advisors in early 2016. Within the year the card shapes emerged in a variety of sizes and iterations: coasters, timers, charms, stationary, note cards, whiteboards and articles of clothing. Once people memorize the 8 kinds of communication, we sense the purpose and meaning of our own cogitations, understand others more fully – or at least know what to ask, to fill in what’s missing.

This physical shapes that we can hold demonstrate only a few of the USHIN capabilities and suggests the potential for rapid, meaningful communication around points and queries, though a paper demo lacks nearly all of the full application’s semantic screen functionality. Card shape, order, color, number and design refer to categories of meaning, importance, authorship, and desire for response or completed communication. U4U will show unique visuals including a semantic screen, filtering, comparing, cross referencing, nodal connections, marking, and other USHIN functionalities that a physical mock-up lacks.