Examples of USHIN

Want the skinny in a hurry?
View findings easily. Related elements collect in one place. Dig in or expand out to find precisely what you seek. Once there, it’s quick to take action.

Managing an event?
Schedule event details sorted out with appropriate contacts, contracts, communications, invitations, timed with favorite methods of messaging and scheduling.

Facilitating a team?
Gather and grok complex perspectives on aspects of a proposal with ergonomic visual ease, with maximum flexibility and understanding.

No time at the moment?
Jot it down now, park it till a specific time to edit, with links and related elements, and relay everything in context in a fraction of the time it takes now.

Trouble Making Ends Meet?
Collect coupons, find sales, put out the word for needs, barters, and offers through vetted groups, find opportunities, and connect with support communities that coordinate efficient and long range needs support.

Making connections?
Connect to people where you are geographically or ideologically around topics with greater depth and understanding than ever before.

Wanting to see changes?
Vocalize your basic needs, and enable a greater conversation to take place whereall voices are heard, as topics are organized. With our basic needs out in front, we’re more likely to meet them.

Planning Retirement?
Sample a variety of rationales for what may be considered in a portfolio and explore analyses of these decisions from long range historical perspectives, and potential socioeconomic changes.

Juggling a social presence?
Receive input when and how you want it and relay combinations of information fluidly through your favorite services, software, sites, systems and platforms.

Want less biased information?
Compare thoughts, scan feelings about them from others, and check facts relating to anything, with potential analyses of analyses using USHIN tools.

Considering a new home town?
Coordinate elements important for each member of your family and rank facets of each decision, such as commute times, school locations and community qualifications.

Can you believe an expert?
Explore the authors and/or curators who published this information, and their connections and other opinions and facts, along with related input sorted out from other people.

Deliberating a career change?
Interface with heroes in your fields of interest, relay concerns and compare responses, sorted by location, year of graduation, or merits that would meet your personal needs.

Dealing with social issues or emotional feelings?
See how people like you feel about topics, where they get their information, what works for them to satisfy their life challenges.Or, get involved in discussions.

Rising above disability?
Locate community events, strategies, resources, socially appropriate groups, and peer counseling when coming out of a physical, emotional, mental and/or sexual trauma.

Reach the rich and famous?
Use USHIN to leverage the power of requests, that are additive, to get the attention of celebrities. If lots of people have the same request it may amuse a busy, perhaps sophisticated individual, to respond on point. If not, others may input guesses, with or without a celebrity’s input.

Writing a paper?
Streamline your data search and organization of findings. USHIN will track but hide, duplication, and will display different people’s views for comparison and analysis people.

Tired of clicking?
Skip having to jump from one site to another and scrolling through each to see whether it has what you seek, and if so, if it duplicates other sites or tries to sell you something.

Seeking something “niche”?
Adjust your particulars so that small groups and individuals show up first.Include or exclue infomercials or other solicited advertising.

Debating causal relationships of environmental destruction?
Understand the “other side” by comparing chosen influences and analyses. Explore discussion points, where elements come from varieties of perspectives, including facts and their interpretations.

Connecting dots?
Watch how influences change as you alter the combinations of elements you select. Inherent in the system is the strength of transparent connections, to enrich related information with context.

Understanding how people sometimes come to ridiculous conclusions?
Explore facts, feelings, needs, thoughts, people and merit associated with a perspective that you do not share, and discover commonalities and rationales for differences.

Going local?
Find farmer’s markets, barter, and other exchange and cooperative options, including gardens, tools, seeds and soils all connected to events, public and private, with opportunities to meet food needs locally.

Rare item?
Evaluate a fine instrument by scanning quantified facets such as tone quality, rarity, condition, popularity among collectors, and expected fluctuations of sales.

What’s the best for you?
Pinpoint qualities that matter to you – well beyond the limitations of 5-star rating systems, or thumbs-up, or group ranking, as when you’re looking for shoes in a rare size with longer durability and the only kudos you find have to do with shipment, brand name, and style.

Figuring out the costs of an object?
Determine which tea kettle saves in the long run for your boiled water needs.Influences may include, for you, what goes into the manufacturing, shipment, lifespan, maintenance, recycling of the product, and alternatives.