Introducing the U4U Demo – coming soon:

For the growing community of ushin supporters and developers interested in building a rough working model of an ushin distributed information / communication system. We are collaboratively designing a website widget interactive demo of U4U, to display some functionality of the visually based ushin semantic screen and shape meanings.

The demo will show how users tag snippets of info to find, filter, refine, combine, compare, create, deliberate, communicate, vet, sort out, sort in, synthesize, analyze, label, weigh and explore information. The semantic screen uses intuitive ways for U4UDemo participants to express points, show and impact values related to popularity, importance, relevance, urgency, trustworthiness and proximity.

We plan to invite up to 1000 people who have expressed the need for a meaningful communication system, or some sort of open public forum for deliberation. We will use the demo to flesh out what that system may look like using ushin shapes, to test and explore this model and open the floor for critique of this and other communication systems. The U4UDemo will showcase a handful of test topics suggested by the ushin community to be deliberated.

For an overview of the demonstration project, and/or to click into details, please see our regularly updated new outline of the U4UDemo that’s open for public feedback. Pending development of our unique input form, please suggest topics, give feedback, or request an invitation to participate on our contact form.

Structure of the U4UDemo currently in design phase:

1. Professional video of many features with real life examples (use-cases) planned for the ushin system.

2. Interactive semantic screen for community and developer deliberation on limited user-suggested topics, including input bearing on the development and roll-out of the system itself.

An old Flash video of sample screen-shots showing one way to create and tag text with ushin shapes: