USHIN is Arriving Just on Time – Let’s be ready when the new technologies are

New technologies are improving the safety and practicality of distributing information. State of the art experiments in communication technologies are still working out their bugs. the U4U prototype will include deliberation about the technologies that USHIN and other ushin projects might use. The prototype will also include related deliberation about protocols for managing data and communication such as the following opinion about keeping the blockchain pure or accepting a hard fork.

Ethereum has balances while Bitcoin has Unspent Transaction Outputs. In order to “rollback” the Bitcoin blockchain you have to rollback every transaction. With Ethereum, you can change the balances of certain accounts without touching the balance of others. This can only happen if consensus is met which is through the miners accepting (or rejecting) a hard fork.

Dave Klingler said…
It’s important to remember that currency and capitalism are inventions, i.e. they’re just technologies concocted to serve a purpose. Like all inventions, we tweak them when we find ways to make them better.??In the case of Ether, the idea that the community can decide to tweak to undo a large-scale theft is a feature, one that gives the currency a potential for stability and safety we didn’t think about before. We could create an institution, if we so desire, that would make a decision about when to use this feature.??It would be nice to get humans out of our transactions so that we can protect the transactions from human corruption, but unfortunately the transactions are being made for the benefit of humans in the first place. If one’s “principle” requires that a crime go forward without resistance in order to keep the technology “pure”, perhaps the “principle” needs review. After all, “principles”, like technologies, are generally meant to benefit humans, aren’t they?