Bringing people together

with compassion meets human needs.


USHIN offers simple tools
to understand, deliberate and handle
information and communications.


You Control Findings

Hone in on what you want because information is sorted out to be easy to find & handle. Turn incomplete or unsatisfactory goose chases into fulfilling results.


Cooperative Organization

See similar elements from different perspectives, according to your own choices and rankings, and from those sources you trust for topic-related information.


Privacy & Vetting

Validate findings by community and source vetting of elements, cross-reference input and connect with sources with both intuitive and detailed analyses.


Reference & Communication

Connect privately or publish widely, integrating favorite platforms and apps to synthesize related elements for reference, communication and deliberation.




The USHIN Concept

USHIN invites people to come together with the unifying goal of defining, for personal, civic and global health, a single universal shared information network that meets needs inclusively.

USHIN communication tools will solve problems comprehensively, logically and efficiently, celebrating the diversity of viewpoints and the commonality of basic needs.

USHIN will inspire a thirsty population to drink of knowledge, free expression and meaningful connection that meets our own needs along with the yet unmet needs of others.

This new concept site will inspire input and participation across the spectrum of views and interests to co-create the first iterations: U2U2U and U4U, leading to the unfoldment of USHIN for all topics and for all beings.

What will USHIN do for me?

USHIN will let you:

Select sources of information
See all your options
Filter out what you don’t want
Hone in on your specifics
Pick sources you like
Set your own rankings and ratings
Compare any element
Uncover biases
Cross-reference anything
See who supports what & why
Get facts that meet your own criteria of proof
Choose levels of privacy
Get comprehensive findings
Choose and combine communities
Get human help
Communicate in context
Simplify daily tasks
Deliberate issues

Find sources, get your needs met, or even make your group an USHIN Source!

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Compassionate Perspectives

USHIN is a way to mediate compassionate outcomes and pave the way for understanding and meeting needs for all involved.

When people sort out feelings and needs, for any issue, from a new perspective, we shift to an open sense of peace that lets foreign thoughts be thinkable and some facts be discarded and others supported.

Open connections rooted in such nourishment form bonds of understanding that promote compassion, reveal merit, build trust and solve problems.

USHIN is the communication breakthrough required to give voice to everyone in the expression of one’s own needs as well as the means to connect meaningfully with others, and locate resources within an extended network of networks.

There is a groundswell of concern, born of pain, that is igniting a movement for compassion across the globe. Global leaders with huge and diverse religious and secular followings are urging people to open their hearts with empathy for others to handle our seemingly insurmountable problems.

USHIN is both a response to the need for reliable information, communication and connection, and a way for all to benefit directly from its unifying practicality.

USHIN will put tools of compassion within reach for everyone.

Understanding Needs

USHIN places needs at the core of  it’s communication protocol. The system itself will meet unmet needs such as privacy, choice, awareness, inclusivity, objectivity, understanding, efficiency, trust … and set up ways to prioritize meeting all sorts of unmet needs, comprehensively.

At the base of all USHIN input is the option to enter a need, either as a request, such as a problem to solve, a response to a request, or an original post to solve potential problems.

Thus needs for healthcare, food, housing, safety and other basic human requirements of life will be given greater weight by most people. The most vulnerable among us, and the most urgent issues, will take their place as priorities upon which to deliberate actions, in full view of influences placed upon these topics by an inclusive spectrum of participating sources.

Comprehensive Understanding

The USHIN platform sorts all input into eight basic elements, which include: thoughts, such as opinions or recommendations; facts/events, which are tagged to time, as in dates of publications; and actions, which are potential next steps. These provide an open, deliberative context for feelings and needs in which each of us determines the merit of any topic by combining our own input and analyses from sources we choose.

Elements of
Compassionate Communication:

NEEDS – essential life serving necessities…
FEELINGS – human emotion or motivation…
THOUGHTS – opinions, analyses…
SOURCES – people responsive to input…
EVENTS – dates, places, cited facts…
ACTIONS – next up to do…
MERITs – synthesis of each input’s value…
TOPICS – anything else…


USHIN will be a simple way to find, compare, trust and share information – no matter the platform or device you use.


USHIN will be free of cost to users thanks to an array of information sources offering USHIN services in exchange for directly connecting with you and influencing your views and online actions.


You control your own information, what you choose to share and with whom, including encryption and connection options.


USHIN will have open management and integrate with other platforms and technologies with open source tools carrying open permissions for development. USHIN accepts any data as well as cross-references and filters to warn of, and options to avoid or block undesirables.


Any group that agrees to the cooperative tenets can be an USHIN information source. Though each source publishes with its own bias and editing, the cooperative system includes all voices in the deliberation of any topic, giving users control of what we see.


Sources of information vet their authors and agree to respond to requests about what they publish. Sources are elements themselves, exposed to public display of relations among themselves and other sources and elements, as input by others.


All input is sorted into basic elements of human communication to promote understanding of different perspectives, honor individual distinctions, and reveal influences. Users choose our own methods and criteria to calculate merit for ourselves. USHIN tools help get to the point and point to action.


USHIN will embody cooperative values with open, voluntary membership; egalitarian, direct input; and respect for autonomy, with the goal to benefit all inclusively. USHIN will offer a space to deliberate the topic “Cooperative” relating to USHIN development, in U4U, as well as offer tools to advance awareness of, and help support cooperative options.


USHIN data, with tools to access and handle it, will be managed and stored, in part and in its entirety, on servers of participating sources of information. Including the shared kernel of shared USHIN code, the design and development of processes, protocols, services, and integration of components including devices, databases and networks, will be decentralized and mutually supportive.


Compared with current centralized systems that lack vetting protocols, privacy options and choice of sources for users, USHIN will be more secure against spam, deception, identity or intellectual property theft, malware, bloat, intrusion and unwanted disharmony. Distribution, with mirrors of the database, reduces risk of loss, checks for consistency, and allows scrubbing and advanced security at each node.


USHIN will flexibly bridge all current text-based platforms, and offer integration of services with a variety of collaborating sources, encouraging development of devices, protocols and interfaces for adaptive communications and exchange processes into the future.


USHIN will utilize networks of existing platforms and systems in a non-disruptive manner, taking only a fraction of the space it will ultimately save. Reduced duplication facilitates more streamlined access to sources while decreasing storage needs. This provides a simplified approach to autonomous, and connected, value-based action, and will help bring together local people and resources for personal, community and civic issues with tools to deliberate actions with global perspectives.


USHIN will show you elements that are ushered into your view by sources of information you’ve chosen to help you with findings and communications. Human ushers, representing perspectives you select, will be trained in the system and readily available to guide you in how to express your needs and connect you to the communities and sorts of help you seek, on and offline.


Research, comparison, analysis, vetting, communication and organization with visual USHIN tools is quick and fun.


Hosting an USHIN widget on your app or website will offer a portal to your segment of the USHIN shared database, with USHIN tools, for your members and visitors.



USHIN will bring people and information together with the goal of meeting needs.

USHIN starts with a trial of its premise. We will launch the project by asking caring individuals and groups to deliberate linguistic, cultural, structural, technical – any and all – aspects of universal shared information, from the onset of active development, for USHIN. The “U4U” prototype will test basic communication and deliberation features in the process. Concurrently, the “U2U2U” device app will coordinate various platforms to simplify handling of common digital tasks, for individuals. Both U4U and U2U2U will become portals to the unbounded world of USHIN.

U4U will bring people together around USHIN.

The U4U prototype will let people test USHIN tools in the process of using them to deliberate and act on topics related to the USHIN concept. Initial topics include social, business, design and technical issues that affect the development of the system toward its purpose: to help people meet human needs.

U2U2U will bring your data together for you, your way.

One of the first displays of USHIN tools is the time-saving productivity app, “u2u2u”, for rapid and private finding, comparing, sorting and handling of contacts, events, tasks and messages among common platforms and systems. It is currently in development, and will model, and encourage creativity for, future USHIN apps.

Design of  USHIN, U2U2U and U4U will bring talent together.

U2U2U and U4U are now ready for technical assistance. U4U, the USHIN prototype, will invite input from a wide spectrum of expertise and interests to handle all concerns about the USHIN system. Talented people will be enthused to contribute to this unique project to handle their own bits and also to co-create a peaceful, open communication system for handling global issues compassionately.

Uses of USHIN will direct priorities for system development.

USHIN will attract sources promoting their own interests openly while providing free tools and common spaces, open to everyone. In the process of efficiently getting their own stuff done, by sharing, ranking and rating elements collaboratively we will define priorities together to build a free, open, inclusive, communication and reference system that is maximally useful for meeting changing needs.

Sources will bring people together with USHIN tools and optional services.

USHIN sources of information will each publish, filter, and take care of their own segments of the shared database. Sources will offer tools for their members and visitors to find, compare, trust and share information among themselves, as well as support USHIN for the general public.

USHIN tools will bring it all together, anywhere.

USHIN tools will be quick ways for us to sort, mark, rate, rank, and display information so that it’s easy to find, compare, evaluate, understand, deliberate upon, and share efficiently and effectively.

People will see, and access, for any given topic, related feelings, needs, thoughts, facts/events and actions from different perspectives.

By identifying major elements of communication, USHIN displays a unique intuitive way to calculate and adjust importance and value for all elements, from your own view in context with others’.

Complex analyses are simplified by the clarity of distinct elements that are organized by, and for, users to reveal comprehensive influences in simple and adaptive displays.

USHIN tools will promote open awareness and connection around topics in a way that celebrates diversity and upholds value of all, including minority, input in the deliberative process.

A few of the tools are introduced with the personal app U2U2U. Others are included in the U4U prototype, more as it develops. When the system is fully implemented basic tools will be available to all services and platforms, and others may be developed for internal business and personal uses.

These tools are described here for common internet platforms and systems, but they are adaptive to other text media, paper communications, and face-to-face connections.

USHIN lets us all bring it together for everyone.

By synthesizing bits of our own lives, and coordinating topics among groups, systems and platforms, we will maximize understanding and efficiently take actions that meet needs for all, no matter where we are in our digital and worldly lives.

Please check back here soon, as the USHIN/concept website is now rapidly unfolding.

Let us know if you’d like updates about U2U, U4U or USHIN, & if you are up for lending a hand in any way.

Thank you from all of the USHIN volunteers, and those whose needs will be met with USHIN.